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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sweet sweet candy necklace

I can't stop loving kawaii food stuffs as I think there are so so cute to wear or to keep.

Item: Lollipop lover Necklace
Item Code: N0012
Materials: Light Weighted Clay, Silver plated necklace, heart charm
Price: RM18
Item Description: Sweet lovelly yummy strawberry lollipop with a "made with love" heart charm. This piece is glossed. Sweet treat!

Item: Sweet tooth necklace [sold] remake is available
Item Code: N0013
Materials: Light Weighted Clay, Silver plated necklace, star charm
Price: RM18
Measurements: height 35cm, necklace total length 58cm
Item Description: I love sweet stuff, especially green apple with dark chocolate dip and flakes. Plus strawberry marshmellow will be the best. A star in "Just for you".

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