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Monday, October 5, 2009

Fabrics #2 for sale

I have limited quantity of each of the fabrics below. All fabrics minimum cut is half meter.

FB009 Bright Pink with Green Polka dots [sold]
FB010 Blue with white polka dots [sold]
FB011 Brown with white polka dots [sold]
FB012 Pastel blue with white polka dots [sold]
FB013 Pastel pink with white polka dots [sold]
FB014 Pastel purple with white polka dots[sold]
100% cotton

FB015 Polygon Blue with flowers and checkers prints, 0.5 m available
FB016 Polygon Pink with flowers and checkers prints, 0.5 m available
RM12 for half meter. 100% cotton

FB017 Square pink boxes with flowers and checkers prints [sold]
FB018 Pink butterflies [sold]
100% cotton

FB019 Ronnie and Jane Cartoon Fabrics
Color: Pink[sold] or White[sold]

FB020 Forrest Fun[sold]
Color: Pink

FB021 Farming Fun[sold]
Color: White

FB022 Laundry Day [all sold]
Color: White
100% cotton

FB023 Kawaii Animals Fun in pastel colors
Color: Pink(1m available) or Yellow [sold]
RM8 for half meter. Polyester

FB024 Cutie Colorful Animals(1.5m available)
Color: Black
RM14 for half meter. 100% Cotton

FB025A Cutie drawing Animals [sold]
Color: Blue
100% Cotton
FB025 Big Squares Zakka Fabric [sold]
100% Cotton

FB026 Small Squares Zakka Fabric [sold]
100% Cotton

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