[5Sept2012] Relocation Sales is Closed Now. All items are not selling anymore as I have relocate to overseas. Thanks everyone whom have help to clear out most of my beloved craft items.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fancy Buttons Pack

Each pack of buttons are unique and some are not restockable. You will get what you see at here.
It is perfect to use on crafts projects, such as scrapbooking, card making, gift wrapping, sewing and more of your imagination. Click on image to enlarge the pictures for detail.
Animal Pack 1 -RM5 [sold]
Animal Pack 2- RM5 [sold]
Color Pack Green: RM5 [sold]
Color Pack Blue: RM5 [sold]

Color Pack Pink 1: RM5 [sold]
Color Pack Pink 2: RM5 [sold]

Color Pack Pink 3: RM5 [sold]
Color Pack Yellow 1: RM5 [sold]

Color Pack Pink 4: RM5 [sold]
Color Pack Yellow 2: RM5 [sold]

Color Pack Orange 1: RM5 [sold]
Color Pack Orange 2: RM4 [sold]

Color Pack Orange 3: RM5 [sold]
Color Pack Orange 4: RM5 [sold]
Color Pack Maroon 1: RM5 [sold]
Hearts Pack: RM5 [sold]
Color Pack Black & Brown: RM3
(There is 4 buttons with shell motifs on top of the buttons)
Color Pack Red & Grey: RM5 [sold]

Corner Rubber Stamp

Item: k0014 Corner Rubber Stamps Set [sold]
Item Description: This is 3 piece corner rubber stamps which comes with a ink pen which consists purple and blue ink as shown. This is not a brand new stamp. The right hand side purple stamps I used before. The rest of the stamps are new and never use before. The ink pen I never use it too.
Stamped area:
Price: RM12

Sakura Rabbit Pencil case

Item: Sakura Rabbit Pink Pencil Case [custom order - sold]
Item Code: Z0017
Materials: Japanese Cotton fabric [rare in the market]
Measurements: 21cm x 9cm
Price: RM20

Monday, June 22, 2009

Forrest Handbag

Item: B0005 Forrest handbag [sold]
Item Description: Beautiful motif of trees around the bag with deers and rabbit wondering around the trees which make this bag unique. The above is one side of the bag and the below is the another side of the bag. These 2 side consist of different fabric placement which makes you have the choice to choose which side you want to carry them for the day. The lining of the bag is in green polka dots fabric with one side pocket inside the bag. This bag can stand on it's own as I have added a thin strong padding in between of both fabrics. Hand wash is possible.
Measurements: 27cm height, 34cm width, 21cm handle tall, 47cm handle long, 6cm base.
Price: RM50

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nuts about you Tote Bag

Item: B0004 Nuts about you tote bag [sold]
Item Description: A classical hand carry medium size tote bag. Zakka light brown color base with dark blue handle. 100% cotton with full blue polka dots lining. I tie a bow and attach with white pearls in front of the bag. This bag is decorated chains wondering around with dragonfly and butterfly following with a hand stamped fabric ink note of "nuts about you" message on the bag. Such a lovely sweet bag to carry along for hi tea or shopping at the weekends.
Measurements: 29.5cm height,25cm width, handle tall 12.5cm, handle long 27cm
Price: RM40

Happy Time Elephant shopping bag

Item: B0003 Elephant Shopping Tote Bag
Item Description: This cutie eco-shopping bags is handpaint with aryclic colors which consider an elephants, a bird & a cloud. The message "happy time" is drawn using a fabric marker. The bag is washable by hands. The elephant ears is sew with pink polka dot fabrics. This bag is suitable for going shopping, tuition or even just for yam cha....
Measurements: 32.5cm height, 25cm width, 15cm handle tall, 32cm handle long
Price: RM17

Hippo Shopping Bag

Item: B0002 Hippo shopping bag [sold]
Item Description: This bright red hippo shopping bag is suitable for putting anything. You can use it as a Eco-shopping bag or a tuition bag for kids. Each Hippo has little black eye's with a star burst tails.
Measurements: 30cm height, 31.5cm width, 8cm base, 19.5cm handle tall, 42cm handle long
Price: RM15

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kawaii Deco Tapes For Sale

This kawaii japanese deco tapes are just so irresistable.

It is perfect to use on any packaging, scrapbooking, gift wrapping, crafting and more of your imagination!! Limited stock. I only have 1 roll each.

Item: K0001 Dreamy friends kawaii deco tape [sold]
Item Description: Cute 'Dreamy Friends' animal roll lined with adorable pandas, green froggies, brown bears, pink piggies, and busy buzzing bees, all interspaced with colorful little flowers, music notes, apples, snails butterflies!
Size: 1.5cm (width) x 25m (length)
Price: RM8

Item: K0002 Black and White long ear rabbits deco tape [sold]
Item Description: Look, these black and white rabbits are very cute! So cute and irresistible!!!!
Size: 1.5cm (width) x 25m (length)
Price: RM8
Item: K0003 Cute Cherries, Strawberries, Apples And Pink Polka Dots Japanese Deco Tape
Item Description: This deco tape is so cute! It has cherries, strawberries, apples and pink polka dots on it.
Size: 1.5cm (width) x 25m (length)
Price: RM8 [sold]

Some samples on how to use the deco tapes. (p/s: this just just a sample of the usage of the deco tapes, I do not have the below deco tapes for sale.)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sneek preview: Bags

Sneek preview on the bags that I did recently. There are still in progress. Needed some touch up on the bags. And a sunny day to take photos on them...
OR I might reserved them for the craft event that I am considering to join.......

Friday, June 5, 2009

Laptop Sleeve

Item: Z0016 Retro Zipper Laptop Sleeve [sold]
Materials: Retro Fabric, pink checkes fabric, zip
Description: Retro Zipper Laptop Sleeve allow you to carry your laptop safely and with style! Hip trendy look yet practical and protective. It has a protective inner core features foam padding specifically designed to shield electronics from impact.
Price: RM45

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