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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Hand phone no.: 017-2721999 (SMS only please)


Pam said...

Hello Ciyou.

I'm sorry .I want to know what country you stay ?

I like your goods and my friends need to buy it. But I don't know
How can I buy your goods ,cause we are Thai. We don't understand about the cost haha..

Please tell me . Thank you (^^)
I'm so sorry if you don't understand about my message.My english skill so bad , but I hope you understand ....

I will come to see your message back another day.
Thank you (- -)(_ _)

Oh! I already add your MSN.


Lovespinkcare said...

hi.. just wanna suggest something. maybe u can have a category for ur avaiLabLe stuff. that way peopLe who wanna see what is stiLL avaiLabLe for saLe. just my opinion. thx

jessie said...

hello... can u tell me the eyelet is how to clip pls.....

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