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Friday, July 24, 2009

Penny Black Micey Day Clear Stamp Set

Item: Penny Black Micey Day Clear Stamp Set [sold]
Item Code: K0015
Item Description: Explore the creative world of Penny Black and see for yourself why Penny Black rubber stamps for Scrapbooking, Cardmaking and Stamp Crafting are everyone’s favorites.PENNY BLACK'S HOT Transparent Clear Stamps!SET OF Stamps! Great Penny Black Value! Penny Black products are designed to integrate style and color for creating the best handicraft projects ever.
New Stamp set measures 8" by 6".
Be inspired!
Price: RM76 including postage. Retail price: RM92 [Brand new~I never use before]

Idea Below:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rainbow Fruit Tarts Earrings

Handmade Rainbow Fruit Tarts Earrings by clay
Measurements: 1cm-2cm diameter, very tiny and cute~!
Material: Resin Clay
Each fruit tart is varnish with special gloss to maintain a shine on the surface and to protect the clay.

Item: Passion fruit, lime, orange, berries fruit tarts earring studs
Item Code: E0018 [sold]
Price: -

Item: Apples, bananas and lime fruit tarts earring studs
Item Code: E0019 [not available]
Price: -

Item: Apple, kiwi, banana fruit tarts earring studs
Item Code: E0020[not available]
Price: -

Item: Kiwi, orange fruit tarts earring studs
Item Code: E0021[not available]
Price: -

Item: Apple, lemon, kiwi fruit tarts earring studs
Item Code: E0022[not available]
Price: -

Item: Kiwi and Lemon fruit tarts earring studs
Item Code: E0023[not available]
Price: -

Item: Apples and Kiwi fruit tarts earring studs
Item Code: E0024[not available]
Price: -

Item: Passion fruit and bananas fruit tarts earring studs
Item Code: E0025[not available]
Item: Strawberry, Banana fruit tarts earring studs
Item Code: E0026[not available]
Price: -

Item: Lemon, bananas, berries fruit tarts earring
Item Code: E0027[sold]
Price: -

Item: Strawberry, kiwi, orange fruit tarts earring
Item Code: E0028[not available]
Price: -

Item: Oranges, banana and dragon fruit tarts earring
Item Code: E0029[not available]
Price: -

Donut Earring RM10 each

Item: Dark coco with berries donut earring
Item Code: E0030

Item: Chocolate donut with gold sprinkles earring
Item Code: E0031

Item: Strawberry earrings [sold]
Item Code: E0032

Group picture of the earrings . I love them as there are so colorful~~

Fruit tarts hair pin

Who can resist this yummy colorful, gorgeous fruit tart that enlighten your hair.

Item: P0011 Strawberry orange fruit tart hair pin [sold]

Item: P0012 Strawberry kiwi fruit tart hair pin [sold]

Item: P0013 Lots of oranges and kiwi fruit tart hair pin [sold]

Item: P0014 Apple, Kiwi and oranges fruit tart hair pin [sold]

Item: P0015 Multiple(strawberry, banana, kiwi, orange, lemon, passion fruit) fruit tart hair pin [sold]

Item: P0016 Strawberry, passion fruit, banana and oranges fruit tart hair pin [sold]

Materials: Resin clay
Measurements: 1.5cm-2cm diameter of fruit tart

Fruit Tarts/ Flower Rings

Item: Fruit Tarts Ring [sold]
Item code: R0005
Item Description: I love fruit tarts! They always look so colorful and beautiful :)Here is a fruit tart to wear and to admire the whole day! This fruit tarts contains oranges, lemon, strawberry, kiwi, dragon fruit, bananas and apples whip with chocolate creams... which is so yummy just by looking at them.
Materials: resin clay.
Price: -
Measurements: fruit tart 2cm diameter, the ring is metal and adjustable

Item: Flower Ring
Item code: R0006
Item Description: Sweet pastel colors of flower ring is just suitable to be wear daily or in events.
Materials: resin clay.
Price: RM10 [sold]
Flower Diameter 2.5cm, the ring is metal and adjustable

Monday, July 13, 2009

Coming soon~~ Fruit Tarts

Finally ~ I manage to squeeze up some time to make these yummy miniature fruit tarts.... there are not only in hair pin, they are also in earring too... stay tune...

Gold-Plated Findings

I have just added some Gold-Plated Findings that I will usually use for clay jewellery making. It can be use for beading too. I will be adding the silver finding later....

G1 - Jump Rings 5mm 40 piece -RM1.80
G2 - Jump Rings 10mm 30 piece -RM2

G3 - T-pin 23mm 40 piece -RM3.50
G4 - Round-Head Pin 22mm 40 piece -RM3.50

G5- Gold Chain 4mm x 6mm: 50cm - RM2, 1 meter RM4 [pre-order]
G6 - Gold Chain 3mm x 5mm : 50cm - RM2, 1 meter RM4 [pre-order]

G07 Lobster Clasp, 11mm - 3 piece for RM2

G08- Gold chain 3mm x5mm - Sold by RM4.50 per meter
S71 - Black chain 3mm x 5mm -Sold by RM4.50 per meter

G09 Gold Toggle claps, 10mm diameter, 14mm long
Sold by 2 pcs RM3

Fabric Bird Nest Hair Pin

Handmade bird nest hair pin that I made from strips of beautiful fabric that are left over from my bags and pouches fabrics. They are too beautiful to be thrown in the bin. Cut and stick them carefully with pearls beads to represent eggs in the nest. Added a charm butterfly and glue them using industrial glue on top a ribbon covered hair pin.

Here is a detail shot of the bird nest~~!
P0008 - Greeny bird nest Hair Pin

P0009 - Pink bird nest Hair Pin
P0010 - Zakka brown bird nest Hair Pin
(Will upload a detail picture later.....)
Price: RM10 each

Beads pack #1

I am clearing off some of my craft materials. You will get everything you see at the picture. I only have one pack of each....
All sold~ Thanks!

Purple bead pack - RM5

Colorful bead pack -RM5

Blue bead pack -RM5

Get all 3 pack at RM12! Quick~!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Introducing new shop selling bags~~

Click to visit Poupee Collection - Online shop selling bags

I just open a NEW online shop selling mainly bags - I carefully select those which are in good quality with reasonable price. You can combine orders and shipping from Colors City Shop and Poupee Collection. Enjoy shopping~!

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