[5Sept2012] Relocation Sales is Closed Now. All items are not selling anymore as I have relocate to overseas. Thanks everyone whom have help to clear out most of my beloved craft items.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

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Sorry for the delay on posting the items, due to post office didn't accept all my parcel at 17-Aug. You may check your parcel no here.

Do let me know if i might miss anyone of you.

Aina Balqis Yahya -RD061061913MY
Stella Chong -RD061061935MY
Nureffa Said - RD061061927MY
Khoo Lee Shin - RD061062009MY
Lei Ching -LD115086694MY
Wong Nye Sin - EM284573448MY
Wan Faida - EM28453363MY
Tan Su Fen - EM284573377MY
Norhazrim Mohd Kamari - EM284571685MY
Phoebe Chai -EM284573346MY

Will post either 27-Aug/ 28-Aug
Emi Teoh - EM284573394MY
June -EM284572285MY

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Findings - Wholesale price

Clearing all my metal findings and charms, you will get what ever you see on the pictures below

A: flower lobster clasp rm5.[sold]
B: earring: rm6. [sold]
C: earring: rm6[sold]

Hair Clip A - 4.5cm: 45 piece (sliver +color): RM12

Hair Clip B - 5.2cm: 19 pieces RM6

A: 17mm x 13mm Brass D links RM3 [sold]
B: 17mm x 13mm Silver D links RM3 [sold]

A: Hair clip - 25 pieces - RM5. 
B: Hair clip - 35 pieces RM8

A: love keychain ring: rm4. 
B: bells: rm3. 
C: sliver ring rm4.50, [sold]
D:brass ring rm4.50. [sold]

Handphone strings- Random colors

100 piece -RM12

200 piece- RM20. [all sold]
[Picture shown is 200 pieces]

A Clips 25mm ,  RM4 [sold]
B Clips 20mm ,  RM3 [sold]
S Clips 15mm , RM4 [sold]

A: Heart shape coin purse: RM10
B Strawberry handle: RM10

Metals chains [all sold]
A: RM4
B: RM2
C: RM4

A: Clip with base RM4[sold]
B: Magnatic snap(for bags), 6 pieces: RM7

Gold Finding - RM30[all sold]
You will get all items from in the picture(click to enlarge)-you may refer here for  more information of items u will received., plus additional stuff, such as metal bookmark handle... etc

Charms[all sold]
A: Balloon charms: RM5
B: Butterfly charms: RM6
C: Moon charms: RM3
D: Fish charms RM3

Hearts - All hearts can be open [all sold]
A: RM6
B: RM5
C: RM5
D: RM18

Bit of pieces of findings [all sold]
A: Crimp Beads - medium RM3
C: Crimp Beads -small RM3
D: clamshell finding RM5 ( best use with A or C)
E: Spring ring clasp-RM9
G: RM3

A: Loster clasp 50pieces RM35
B Black Hair pin sets: RM5
Earring studs: All for RM25

The sticks i have a big pack, but the studs is just a bit only. U will get everything from the picture
 Earrings Stud. Base stick:4mm x 11mm, Stud:5mm

Last shipping date at 27 August 2012. So be quick to order your items
最后出货日期=2012年8月27日, 快速的向我订购。
If you are interested, please check out here on how to order
Check out the other clearance items.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yarn Set - super cheap.

All of these yarns and 3 knit needle is for yours at the discounted price of RM12. 

Below RM35 Craft books for sales

Clearing my slash of craft books in a discounted price. All book are in good condition (unless stated), some are wrap with book cover. You may refer the links below for some sneak peak of each books.


1. 讓你愛不釋手的手作布包[sold]
ISBN: 9867167260

2. 用紙黏土做超可愛娃娃屋2
ISBN: 9789866681813

3. 天天都想拿的手作包[sold]
ISBN: 9789577769848

4. 可愛的不織布雜貨
ISBN: 9789867167279

5. 用不織布作甜點
ISBN: 9789867167552

6. 自然風布製小物
ISBN: 9789868204676

7. 不思議!魔法蕾絲手工書-華麗、甜美、前衛、玩具手作新風格
ISBN: 9789867024725

8. 1天就學會鉤針:飾品&圍巾&帽子&手袋&小物
ISBN: 9789867544827

9. 不織布巧手屋
ISBN: 9789578494800

10. 溫柔手作小布包[sold]
ISBN: 9789866524011

11, 實用手作布雜貨
ISBN: 9789578494992

ISBN: 9789575269838

ISBN: 9789862350409

ISBN: 9789575657840
书本后皮有点折到, 不过里面的书还好好的。

15. 日系手作創意髮飾[sold]
ISBN: 9789866360138

16. 創意市集102
ISBN: 9789866920004

17. 手工瘋雜貨no.3[sold]
ISBN: 9789861201337

18. 小空間綠意變裝
ISBN: 9789866322310

19. kraso 2009年秋冬號
ISBN: 9784894325302

20. Couturier 2009春夏號
ISBN: 9784894324886

21.創意手作館 手感生活 橡皮章刻印趣[sold]
ISBN: 4711213664144

ISBN: 9789866960666

ISBN: 9789866920332

24. Kids sewing for fun 
ISBN: 9784834764659

Click the below link to look inside

25.The Rubber Stamper's Bible[sold]
ISBN: 9780715318515

26. Card Making & Papercraft magazine issue 88[sold]
ISBN: 9771742807042

Last shipping date at 27 August 2012. So be quick to order your items
最后出货日期=2012年8月27日。喜爱的书, 就要快速的向我订购。
If you are interested, please check out here on how to order
Check out the other clearance items.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kawaii paper pad, stickers and many more

 I'm clearing of alot of my kawaii cute collectible items, hope they find some one some one that love them soon
Item Code: SC0008
Item: Cutie DIY box
Description: DIY small box multiple design. Pink+Black skull big DIY box
Discounted Price: RM7

Item Code: SC0009
Item: Cutie Korean 
Description: Cutie kawaii paper sheets from paper packs, size varies from 19cm x 12.5cm & 22.5cm x 14.5cm. This is a used item, remaining is more then 30++ pages. This paper are fun to use as craft projects as they have folderable patterns, notes and other fun elements. Click to enlarge picture below.
Discounted Price: RM5

Item Code: SC0010
Item: QLia Candy Dolls paper pad.- 8 pattern 144 sheets. 15cm x 10.5cm
Plus Papa Panda small paper pad - 2 pattern 100 sheets. 9 cm x 6cm
Description: This is a brand new item from Original from Japan Q-lia & SanX
Discounted Price: RM15

Item Code: SC0011
Item: Choco Cat letter pad
Description: 32 different design of letter pads, come with 60++ sheets
Discounted Price: RM7

Item Code: SC0012 [sold]
Item: Drawing postcard Book
Description: Sent beautiful cute drawing postcard for your friend and family. 24 postcard in 24 different pattern.
Discounted Price: RM7

Item Code: SC0013
Item: Sticker goodies pack
Description: Tons of Japannese brand Kamio and Sanrio stickers + tons of goodies items
Everything you see it the below picture is yours with a very discounted price.
-Kamio sweet smile stickers 90++ piece
-Kamio cakes & sweet stickers 90++ piece
-Sanrio Hello Kitty stickers sheet
-Sanrio Pandapple stticker mini book
-Sanrio hello kitty pencil
- plus tons of other free stickers sheet.
Discounted Price: RM12

Item Code: SC0014
Item: Cutie Animal deco tape (new)
Description: large tape of animal deco tape of cutie animal. one of my favorite collection
Discounted Price: RM5

Item Code: SC0015
Item: Cutie Blue & Pin Deco Tape (used)
Description: Cutie Blue & Pin Deco Tape for any crafty projects
Discounted Price: RM2

If you are interested, please check out here on how to order
Check out the other clearance items.

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