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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tissue Pouch #2

Introducing more cute and kawaii fabric tissue pouch
Each tissue pouch has double layer fabric.
Fit precisely 1 tissue pack.
RM7 Each.

Grab one now today as some fabrics are my last piece of fabric available.

TP005 Green mushroom & apples Tissue Pouch(Left)
TP005a Green mushroom & apples with green polka dot Tissue Pouch(Right)

TP006 Flower and tiny bird Tissue Pouch

TP007 Ice-cream Tissue Pouch (quite similar TP001, just without checkers side lining)

TP008 Bright pattern Tissue Pouch

TP009 Rocking Horse Tissue Pouch (Left)
TP010 Rocking Horse Tissue Pouch with green polka dots (Right) [sold]

TP011 Blue Bow Tissue Pouch

TP012 Strawberry Tissue Pouch

TP013 Leafs Tissue Pouch [sold]

TP014 Red Hippo Tissue Pouch

TP015 Blue Sakura Tissue Pouch (Left)
TP003 (Right)[sold]

TP016 Red Japanese Doll Tissue Pouch[sold]

TP017 Marching Soilder Tissue Pouch (Left)[sold]
TP018 Marching Soilder Tissue Pouch with Hello Kitty side lining (Right)

TP019 Japanese Fan Tissue Pouch (Left)
TP020 Japanese symbol red Tissue Pouch (Right)
TP021 Forrest Marching Tissue Pouch (RM8)
This tissue pouch is with padding and "friends" ribbon

1 comment:

Amahlee said...

Hi. I bought a few tissue pouch from you before. Unfortunately a few went missing already. I'm quite sad about it.

Is it possible is you could remake a few for me? :(

Please email me.


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