[5Sept2012] Relocation Sales is Closed Now. All items are not selling anymore as I have relocate to overseas. Thanks everyone whom have help to clear out most of my beloved craft items.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Fabric #3

FB028 Little daisy with white polka dot purple fabric (sold)
Price: -. 100% cotton
FB029 multicolor polka dots
left:yellow polka dot(sold)
right: red polka dot(sold)
Price: -. 100% cotton

FB030 English style rose blue fabric (left)(sold)
Price: - . 100% cotton
FB031 Dark blue starwberry + flower (right)(sold)
Price: - . 100% cotton

FB032 Flower climbing fabric
Color: Light brown(sold), dark blue(sold)
Price: - 100% cotton

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