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Friday, September 11, 2009

Flower, vintage, kawaii hair pins

Item: P0017 (a) Bright Pink Cabochon Rose Hair Pin, RM4 each
Item: P0017 (b) Pastel Pink Clay Rose Hair Pin, RM5 each [sold out]
Item: P0017 (c) Vintage Flower Buttons Hair Pin, RM4 each
Item: P0017 (d) White Cabochon Rose Hair Pin, RM4 each [sold out]
Item: P0018
From top to bottom.
1. Cupcake Hair pin
2. Hello Kitty Hair Pin
3. Elephant Hair Pin
4. Green gilter hair pin
5. Pink heart ballon hair pin [sold]
6. Blue heart hair pin
Each RM4.

Get 3 for RM10. For those hair pin priced RM4. You can mix among P0017 and P0018.
except P0017(b)
Item: P0019
From top to bottom
7. Squirrel with apple hair pin [sold out]
8. Bee hair pin [sold out]
9. Japanese doll hair pin 1 [sold out]
10. Japanese doll hair pin 2 [sold out]
Each RM5.
Fabrics are imported from Japan

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