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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cute Animal & Lace Zakka Rubber stamps

Here are some cute japanese rubber stamp of animals and lace zakka. Perfect for your scrapbooking and stamping crafts including gift tag and wrapping paper. You can also use a fabric ink pad to stamp lovely rows of this lace embroidery design on your sewing crafts. Limited quantity.
k0004: Butterfly and 3 Flower Rubber Stamp [sold out]
k0005: For You Birdy Rubber Stamp[sold out]
k0006: Russian Doll Rubber Stamp [sold out]
k0007: Squirrel with mushroom rubber Stamp[sold out]
k0008: Porcupine rubber Stamp[sold out]
Price: RM8
Stamped area: 3cm x 3cm
k0009: Rose and bow zakka lace rubber stamp [available -last one]
k0010: Dots dots rubber stamp [available - last one]
k0011: Lace Cute Zakka rubber stamp[sold out]
k0012: Bow Lace Cute Zakka rubber stamp [sold out]k0013: Romantic Lace Cute Zakka rubber stamp [sold out ]Price: RM10
Stamped area:1.6cm x 6cm

Here is the back of the rubber stamps. See how detail is the rubber stamp carved.

Here are the newly added stamps
k0016: Zic zac rubber stamp [ 2 available]
k0017: Apples rubber stamp [sold out]Price: RM10
Stamped area:1.6cm x 6cm


shambie adzhan said...

hi there,

im interested in items ;)

1. k12 or k13
2. k10


zhi ling~ said...

im interested with all the stamps!
can guide me how to get one?

my email~

Anonymous said...

hi, mind to tell me if the item still available??


can wait for ya reply @


Ciyou said...

s.H.u.Y.|.n.G: k0008
is still available, the rest are sold or being reserved. can i get back to u at monday night??
Please email your orders to Thanks

Agnes Sim said...

wow..wat i want one oredi reserved le...

I want K12... where u bought it?

Ciyou said...

Agnes: will update u if the reserved one's didn't pay.

c h r i s t y * said...

ciyou, let me know if K008 still available ya, thanks!

Anonymous said...

k0012: Bow Lace Cute Zakka rubber stamp


shambie adzhan said...

hi ciyou,

i made payment (details sent to your email on Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 11:49 PM) hope you received it.

sorry for the lateness ok. anything, update me, thank you so much!

xox, Shambie

Ciyou said...

christy K008 is sold.

k0012 is sold too.

Shambie: i got your payment and will sent your things by the coming tuesday


shambie adzhan said...

hi ciyou,

got the stamps and i love it~ especially the Russian Doll ;)
my mom love it toooo~

tq tq!

lemme knoe if you have more ok :D

Soulie said...

hi ciyou! are you going to restock the rubber stamps? i'm interested to order

Agnes Sim said...

hi, i want K0013.

Anonymous said...

omg!! just come across ur blog!

i definitely will be at Annexe 15 May :)


laila enzai said...

I blame myself for not finding this blog earlier, I really need this stamp! Please restock please or tell me where I can get this? T_T

Love this item? Click here to order.


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